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ASTRL Lab Grown Diamonds creates our own, high-quality grown-diamonds in our state-of-the-art laboratory. Each unique diamond never receives post-growth treatments to enhance their beauty. Lab grown diamonds are chemically and physically the same as natural diamonds produced by the pressure of mother nature. Though, this process does not disrupt earth's crust as no mining is required.

Like Love • Everything beautiful must blossom and grow.

Our diamonds start from a diamond seed and grow inside controlled conditions that mimic the extreme temperatures and pressure of mother nature, just without the billions of years of waiting . Once the growing process is complete, each rough diamond must pass a rigorous quality inspection, and is then selected a shape for it's maximum brilliance, cut and polished by our family of diamond experts.

Why We Sparkle

The importance of transparency and responsible sourcing is our priority. When you sparkle with ASTRL Lab Grown high quality Diamonds you are going direct to the source. The stunning combination of direct origin and non-disruptive earth process creates luxury that is timeless and responsible.

Our Roots

ASTRL lab grown diamonds is a division of Simran Collection Inc. As a 3rd generation family owned and operated company we are one of the leading diamond and jewelry manufacturers in the U.S. With over 30 years' experience with in-house diamond manufacturing domestically and over 40 years internationally. We offer a vast collection of high quality, fine jewelry, rings, natural and lab grown loose diamonds and gemstones. All ASTRL Jewelry is handcrafted in our offices southern in California.

ASTRL Advantage

ASTRL Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry is hand-crafted in­ house in our US based manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, which gives us a unique advantage and ability to offer prompt service and flexible customization options on every order. There are no extended waiting periods for customized orders as we control every step of the manufacturing process from stone to stunning jewelry.

Love is unique and cannot wait. Your fine jewelry shouldn't have to either.

Why Select Lab?

Affordable and a responsible selection, lab grown diamond jewelry offers bigger value within your budget. Selecting a lab grown diamond jewelry product and details options like metal type and carat weight will determine the overall price of your selection. This will allow you to select a fancy shape like princess cut diamond earrings, but in a larger carat weight or the same carat weight earrings but with a higher diamond quality than you originally began searching for online. Lab-created diamonds represent the lasting sentiment between two people that has been a representation of love through the ages. Unrivaled by no other genuine stone on earth, a diamond lasts for generations. And now it is clear, a lab created diamond is a diamond after all.


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